Image of Christen Jones

Christen Jones
SVP, Creative Director
Evoke Create

NEW YORK, USA // Christen is SVP, Creative Director at Evoke Create. Christen oversees the award-winning agency’s creative team and proprietary Creator Hub, an innovative network of over 250 on-demand freelancers. A self-described “Type-A creative,” Christen’s passion is bringing efficiency to the creative process without sacrificing quality work.

Christen started in the industry at a boutique agency. In the small-agency setting Christen learned the value of being able to wear many hats: art director, studio artist, presentation designer, party planner, retoucher, pitch presenter, and more. She strives daily to bring that small-agency, roll-up-your-sleeves-relentlessness to a larger agency and client set.

Once a moonlighting Creator herself, she transitioned to staff in 2012 to build out a creative department for Evoke Create from the ground up. Now as a member of the Leadership Team, her core focus is to ensure the thriving agency maintains the right people, resources, and training—across all creative functions to deliver stellar work for the agency's clients. She strikes the unique balance between efficiency and award-winning creative results for clients like Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Otsuka.

Christen graduated with a BS in Visual Communications from the University of South Carolina. She lives in Darien, CT with her husband, 2 kids, and 2 stubborn Shih Tzus (that truly rule the house).