Image of Lora Lukin

Lora Lukin
EVP, Executive Creative Director
Digitas Health

NEW YORK, USA // A first-generation American, Lora’s drive to get into the healthcare industry was fueled by her mother’s personal health journey, which highlighted the gross inadequacies of patient education and a broken healthcare system. She remains passionate about helping people have a greater understanding of healthcare products, processes, and raise their voices, so they too can become active decision makers in their treatment plans.

Falling in love with the world of healthcare, she spent her time buried in PI’s, medical dictionaries, and clinical data, till she got it right. Fusing the world of medicine with creativity, she launched various professional and consumer campaigns in challenging and highly regulated categories like, Mental Health, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Circadian Disorders, HIV, and Oncology.

Lora believes in tapping into behavioral triggers that ignite action. Not just calls to action but flipping the switch on emotions that make us tick. She has spent the last 4 years focused on dynamic campaigns for the Gilead HIV franchise (prevention and treatment), Genentech, and Pfizer, creating direct-to-everyone campaigns and messaging that help bring treatment conversations full circle.

When not focused on creative solves to her client’s needs, she’s working to evolve the Healthcare Advertising world by mentoring a new generation of diverse healthcare advertisers, all while trying to keep up with 3 energetic boys…who always keep her on her toes and ensure that her creative juices are always flowing.