Image of Louis  Massaia

Louis Massaia
Chief Creative Officer
Weber Shandwick North America Healthcare

NEW YORK, USA // Louis Massaia has produced an array of award-winning campaigns that have fueled the engines for some very important brands in the health and wellness industry such as; Chantix, Advair, Botox Cosmetic, Viagra, Mirena, Narcan, Farxiga, and FreeStyle Libre. Over the last 25 years, he’s helped build agencies, teams, lasting careers, and a reputation for consistently delivering best-in-class creative across all channels. He’s crafted work for blockbuster brands, smaller brands - and in categories ranging everywhere from cosmetics to cancer.

As Chief Creative officer of Webber Shandwick North America, Lou leads a community of hands-on, creatively inspired collaborators. An agency of dreamers, listeners and sculptors of great work designed to touch the core.

Louis believes that the greatest joy in life is using creativity to help those whose lives depend on it.