Image of Jay  Williams

Jay Williams
Executive Creative Director
CVS Health

NEW YORK, USA // Good advertising, good communications should affect you. It should make you smile or laugh or frown or cry or raise an eyebrow or furrow your brow or nod in recognition. In other words, if some part of your face isn’t moving, somebody hasn’t done their job.

Throughout my career, my work has moved a lot of facial parts.

My work for Procter & Gamble helped solidify the positions of brands like Crest and Oral B in North America while giving those brands strong and important footholds in emerging markets around the world.

My award-winning work for UBS used their support of the art world as a way to cement the company's reputation for attention to detail.

My campaigns for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines helped turn a mid-level category player into the most recognized, most admired, most preferred cruise line in the industry.

Fidelity, Titleist, Hilton, Coors, NOVA and others have all benefited from my strategic thinking and creative abilities.

My work at CVS has led to Heart Haus being nominated two years running for In House Agency of the Year.

But besides consumer audiences, I've also won praise and admiration from my industry peers.

Considered a writer’s writer, I've been fortunate to win virtually every advertising award there is to win – The One Show, Communication Arts, Kelly Awards, ANDY’S, D&AD, Clio, Mercury.

Even 2 Emmys.

(Plus 4 EFFIES, for those of you out there who are results-oriented.)

Four of my commercials/films are in the permanent advertising collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

In addition to my own creative talents, I've earned a reputation as a great mentor, someone with the ability to grow and develop creative talent.

I'm a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross where I received a BA in English Literature while mistakenly thinking I was going to be a lawyer.