Image of Andrew Timms

Andrew Timms
Executive Producer
Ignition Creative

LONDON, UK // Andrew is Executive Producer at Ignition Creative London working with a great team of editors and designers creating standout social video campaigns. A recent addition to Team Ignition, Andrew has worked agency side, marketing films for 20 years.

Andrew was drawn to the film industry from an early age having had his mind blown but the awe and spectacle of watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark as an impressionable young boy.

Andrew has been fortunate to work on a wide variety of titles, from Gone Girl to Inception, Widows to The Lego Movie and Top Gun Maverick to Elvis. And in that time, he has had the privilege of working with some great creative minds which has resulted in winning a handful of Clio Awards.

Having previously been a juror of the Clio Entertainment Awards, Andrew is hugely excited to see the great array of social and digital creative that will be on show.

To coin a phrase from the seminal Dr Jones, "Jock, start the engine".