Image of Leah Rubin-Cadrain

Leah Rubin-Cadrain
Head of Creative, Arcadia
Snap, Inc.

SANTA MONICA, USA // Leah Rubin-Cadrain is a creative tech person working in augmented reality (AR), who's interested in ethical design and good futures for humans.

She leads the creative team at Arcadia, Snapchat’s in-house studio for AR innovation. As creative director, she focuses on concept, UX, copy, and storytelling, through the lens of design thinking and solving problems.

At Snapchat, she has previously led creative strategy for the entertainment vertical, founded the Snapchat Brand Lab, and co-led the Snap Pride ERG.

Her whole career emerged unexpectedly, following a long and winding road through a literature degree, teaching, reality TV production, and creative agency shenanigans.

She’s also a certified California Naturalist who nerds out on habitat restoration, local ecology, and binoculars.

After 8 years in LA, she’s recently moved back to NY with her wife and baby, the absolute lights of her life.