Image of Gerry Batson

Gerry Batson
Co-President, Creative Advertising
Territory Studio

LONDON, UK // Gerry Batson serves as the Co-President of Creative Advertising at Territory Studio, leading and guiding exceptional teams of creative talent in both Los Angeles and London, England.

Recognized for his collaborative nature and insatiable curiosity, Gerry acts as creative thought-partner with clients, working to harmonize marketing and creative teams. His rationale is to design and deliver campaigns and creative works that are as purposeful as they are visually captivating.

Gerry embarked on his career in 2006, specializing in crafting key art for independent and foreign language films. Later, he seized the opportunity to establish and cultivate a Creative Advertising department at Territory Studio.

Since 2017, Gerry and his team have amassed an esteemed portfolio of creative works, spearheading a variety of globally acclaimed campaigns for major studios and streaming services. Notable projects include The House Of Gucci (Universal Pictures), The Sea Beast (Netflix), and most recently, Dead Ringers (Amazon Prime Video).