Image of John  Battle

John Battle
Head of Global Marketing Creative
Riot Games

MAR VISTA, USA // John Battle is the Senior Director of Marketing Creative Direction at Riot Games, and the head of the Global Marketing Creative team for Riot Games Publishing. He manages the creative leaders for the global marketing campaigns for each of Riot’s Games.

His multi disciplinary teams manage the development and deployment of creative marketing campaigns from strategic brief to final delivery. These creative campaigns across Riot’s product portfolio inform, inspire, and surpass player expectations. John also developed and leads the creative director discipline at Riot.

Before joining Riot in 2015 John was an award winning writer and creative director in advertising. His work can be found in The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film. His clients ranged from LG and Dr. Pepper to MTV for HIV Aids awareness and Nike for their World Cup campaign.

John enjoys being a sniper in any game that has one, a mermaid in League of Legends, and of course, a Master Chief. John also enjoys doing voice over work and initially learned about Riot when he auditioned for a champion named Azir. He rightfully didn’t get the part, but it all worked out in the end.

John graduated magna cum laude from Boston University and currently resides in Mar Vista, CA with his wife Pam, son Wyatt and dog Waffles.