Image of Noah Eichen

Noah Eichen
Executive Creative Director
Mutiny, a Trailer Park Group Co.

Portland, OR // Noah’s career has always been a little mutinous, never following the expected path. A football player turned film grad; editor and cinematographer turned in-game cinematic capture director, writer, and producer. A "content creator" before it had a name. Sometimes a rapper, singer, voice-over artist, and live action director. And now, Executive Creative Director at Mutiny. With Noah, you can expect the unexpected. But what remains consistent is that his work always embodies him: bold, surprising, and meticulous.

Noah has had a profound impact on the game marketing industry for nearly two decades, influencing the way players interact with their favorite games and brands, crafting work with a singular goal in mind – to give players a reason to believe.

A passionate gamer himself, his career continues to push the boundaries of game marketing. Combining his expertise in creative, technology, and culture with his drive and desire to innovate, he proves that you don’t always have to fit into somebody else’s box. Sometimes being yourself and following your passion will lead you right where you want to be.

Now, Noah leads the exceptional creative team at Mutiny, a two-year-old agency born out of Trailer Park Group and is now setting the tone for the next generation of creative trailblazers. Inspiring them to create groundbreaking and award-winning work across Xbox, Activision/Blizzard, Meta, and more.