Image of David J. Kim

David J. Kim
Senior Trailer Editor
Mark Woollen and Associates

SANTA MONICA, USA // David Kim is an award winning trailer editor at Mark Woollen & Associates. Before cutting trailers and without any plan for his life, he dabbled in property management, wedding videography and as an account executive in an advertising agency.

Those experiences as well as a bit of luck set himself up for success in creative advertising. His work includes A/V campaigns for Past Lives, Pachinko, Aftersun, Parasite, I-Tonya, Hacks, Tiger, Dr. Brain, Central Intelligence and many more.

More importantly, David has over 10 years of experience as Husband. He has played a vital role in sustaining marital excellence and most recently, was promoted to Girl Dad to a spirited toddler who has the uncanny ability of turning every word into profanity. His disciplines include but are not limited to: compromising, Baby Shark dance and pretending to be asleep.