Image of Aaron Gershman

Aaron Gershman
VP, Creative Advertising

SANTA MONICA, USA // Aaron forgot to become a famous rockstar and accidentally became Vice President of Creative Advertising for Lionsgate. Despite years honing his songwriting and guitar-playing, Aaron stumbled into overseeing 360° global marketing campaigns and inadvertently led Lionsgate to dozens of Clio wins over the past five years—the most in studio history.

Who knew spending a decade plus in the Creative departments of 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Music would lead him so far astray? Perhaps he shouldn’t have spent so much time learning from some of the greatest creative minds in the industry…rookie mistake.

When he’s not making gigantic career blunders, Aaron can be found at his home in Eagle Rock with his wife and children and a massive collection of movie posters, steelbooks and vinyl.