Image of Adrianne Deluna

Adrianne Deluna
Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, USA // As a creative director at Rhubarb, Adrianne Deluna is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment advertising field. With over 20 years of experience, she has crafted numerous successful campaigns, showcasing her visionary leadership and creative expertise. Adrianne's journey began at BD Fox and took her through esteemed agencies like Crew Creative, Works, and And Company, where she served as creative director.

Fueling her passion for movies, Adrianne's encyclopedic knowledge of films sets her apart in the industry. She can recite movie plot lines and trivia faster than a popcorn machine can pop kernels. In fact, she has watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy so many times that she could probably perform emergency surgery if needed. It's safe to say that she's not just a film enthusiast; she's a walking IMDb with a healthy dose of TV obsession.

But Adrianne's talents don't end with her movie and TV prowess. She also takes great delight in mentoring young art directors, challenging them to unleash their creativity and passing on her expertise. With her wealth of experience and commitment to excellence, she helps guide the next generation of creative minds to make their mark in the advertising world.