Image of Gabe Converse

Gabe Converse
Creative Director
The Refinery

SHERMAN OAKS, USA // Sherman Oaks, USA // Gabe Converse is an accomplished Creative Director at The Refinery, where he leads a team of talented individuals. With a strong foundation as an editor, Gabe honed his craft at renowned establishments such as Kaleidoscope Films and Skip Film. His passion for television led him to a fruitful decade-long tenure at Studio City, until an opportunity presented itself when Brett Winn convinced him to join The Refinery team.

Having spent several years in the editing chair, Gabe made a transition to the role of Creative Director, driven by his desire to share and pass on the valuable skills he had acquired to the next generation. Under his leadership, The Refinery's team thrives in the realms of streaming, television, and theatrical, with a specialization in the reality genre.

Within the office, Gabe is affectionately referred to as "The Terminator" due to his unwavering dedication to his clients. He stops at nothing to ensure their needs are met and their expectations exceeded. Recently, Gabe has expanded the scope of his business, venturing into directing with successful shoots in Lagos, Nigeria, and Cape Town, South Africa.