Image of Chris Devine

Chris Devine
Producer/Senior Editor
Giaronomo Productions

Nothing about being raised in a midwestern athletic family should’ve meant that Chris would end up making movie trailers, but volleyball ironically is what led him there. After graduating college with a business degree, Chris decided to instead pursue a career in editing. The demo reel he sent out that summer had the only thing Chris had ever cut: volleyball highlight videos from his younger brothers’ games. Luckily, that volleyball reel landed him a job at Giaronomo.

Eighteen years later, Chris is now a producer and senior editor at Giaronomo, often working alongside his younger brother Ryan, officially making trailer cutting a family legacy.

Chris has finished trailers for an array of prestigious films throughout his career, including most recently, The Holdovers, Tar, and The Banshees of Inisherin. Music often guides Chris through the quagmire of cutting, and his instinct for cinematic music can be traced to the first CD he ever bought: The Rock Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

A born Midwesterner turned New Yorker, Chris now lives with his glorious wife (she wrote this), Laura, and his number-one-fan son, August, on a small seaside town in northern Massachusetts. And yes, his volleyball highlight videos are still amazing.