Image of Kishan Muthucumaru

Kishan Muthucumaru
Executive Creative Director of Print and Digital

THOUSAND OAKS, USA // Originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, Kishan migrated to the United States in the early 80s. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and initially pursued a career in finance. However, after spending almost 10 years in the finance industry, he made a bold decision to follow his passion for a creative field.

Kishan embarked on a new journey in the world of design and never looked back. Over the past 20 years, he has established himself as an award-winning creative with a diverse portfolio spanning various entertainment and brand sectors, including film, television, music, gaming, and lifestyle.

Throughout his career, Kishan has worked at esteemed organizations such as Hamagami & Carroll, Meat and Potatoes, and 30Sixty. His dedication eventually led him to the position of Chief Creative Officer at Bemis Balkind/Insync Plus, where he spent a decade shaping creative visions.

Kishan has been fortunate enough to learn from industry greats across different design mediums, benefiting from their mentorship. Today, he holds the role of Executive Creative Director of Print and Digital at Mocean.

Throughout his illustrious career, Kishan has been involved in designing and spearheading campaigns for numerous projects. Some notable campaigns he has worked on include Pearl, X, The Mother, Talk to Me, Ron's Gone Wrong, Outer Range, Midsommar, Moonlight, Dark Phoenix, Alien Covenant, Red Sparrow, A Star is Born, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Jedi.