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Tim Bierman
General Manager
Pearl Jam Ten Club

SEATTLE, USA // Tim Bierman has managed the Ten Club since 1998. In those 25 years, he has taken an enthusiastic, start-up fan club and steered it toward a fiscally viable example of what a fan organization can be in today's volatile music industry climate.

Bierman began his career in music at the age of 14, playing in bands and hustling gigs in suburban St. Louis. At 18, he left the midwest and headed to Montana for college. There he found his place on the staff - and later as an owner of - Rockin' Rudy's Records. Bierman spent the next seventeen years there as buyer and manager. After a brief stop in San Francisco at Amoeba Records, he moved to Seattle to help his old Montana friend, Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament, find a new direction for the Ten Club.

Along the way, Bierman has directed the launch of and developed the proprietary infrastructure that runs one of the industry’s most successful sites. Bierman has been instrumental in developing Pearl Jam's legendary bootleg programs and help build the band's own Monkeywrench Records label.

Ten Club has been the official Pearl Jam fan organization since the 1991 release of the band's seminal debut album, Ten. An extension of the band's gratitude to its passionate fan base, Ten Club's priority has always been to take care of the fans first. Through providing up to the minute information on the band's music, tour schedules, side projects, philanthropic endeavors, etc., Ten Club has grown into a successful, interactive fan club model that is highly regarded throughout the music industry.

In addition to being a resource for all things "Pearl Jam," Ten Club has also built an exclusive merchandising and ticketing arm that provides members with access to limited edition collectibles, exclusive vinyl releases, digital bootlegs and priority pre-sale ticketing to Pearl Jam engagements. Starting out as a mail-order "paper" fan club, Ten Club has continually evolved to meet the fans needs and become what it is today.

Music- Guitar and Bass for:

Shangri La Speedway Clodhopper Tarkio