Image of Sally House

Sally House
CEO and Owner
The Hit House

LOS ANGELES, USA // Sally’s first venture into advertising started in Johannesburg, South Africa, until she was uprooted by an offer to join the prestigious Oglivy & Mather in Los Angeles.

Shortly after being stateside, she was recruited by Kenwood USA and climbed the ranks from advertising manager to Director of Marketing in a few short years, before stepping into the role of VP Of Marketing and Products for Clarion USA.

In 2005, Sally left the corporate realm to pursue her dream of creating the first woman-owned custom music house in Los Angeles.The Hit House was born.

Under Sally’s leadership, guided by her vast marketing and branding experience, The Hit House started with a small, driven team. They made an instant splash in the industry by filling a gap in the market for sorely needed, high-end comedy music with their Funny Bone catalog.

Not being one to rest on her laurels, Sally quickly capitalized on her new found recognition with the launch of The Hit House’s top tier orchestral action series, RE:ACTION; While simultaneously carving out a prominent corner of the custom music space.

Over the next decade and half, Sally has guided The Hit House to a multi-million company known as an industry leader in custom music, with a sought-after catalog. In 2020, Sally launched THH records, a one-stop record label that works hand in hand with well-known artists to write music tailored for sync. THH records’ bands, DJs, rappers and singers instantaneously became the soundtrack to games, sports, TV Shows and advertising.

Presently, The Hit House remains one of the only women-led music houses in entertainment, with a reputation that garners respect across entertainment marketing, commercial agencies, and gaming. As of 2023, Sally is managing and shaping a major rebrand of THHmx as they gear up for the next 20 years of expansion under their benevolent creator.