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Gio Serrano
Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // writer, creative director and educator with a passion for getting under the hood on juicy stories and pushing creative boundaries until everything I work on is crazy or stupid or devastating. I believe in the power of curiosity, vulnerability, honesty, and a perfectly timed punchline. My favorite work hides in plain sight, keeps people connected, and bends toward justice.

Over the last decade or so in advertising, I've worked for a wide smattering of agencies and brands, tiny and giant, domestic and international, receiving accolades from every major press outlet along the way, and amassing a small menagerie of prestigious pieces of metal.

I teach at the School of Visual Arts, where I mentor young talent, helping them to understand our craft and start their own metal menageries as they step into their roles as the future of our industry. In my current role as a Creative Director at Translation, I enjoy the privilege of working with the most diverse group of collaborators I’ve ever met. I split my time between Brooklyn and the Catskills with my wife, daughter and two furry rescues.