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Alan Hunter

LOS ANGELES, USA // Alan Hunter is the Co-Founder of PETROL, which has over the last 13 years become one of the Entertainment Industry’s leading Agencies. His role as President and CCO has led the Agency to over 120 Global Awards and being the partner of numerous Billion Dollar BRANDS.

After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Alan immediately began developing Theatrical and Video Gaming Campaigns on behalf of several major studios and embarked on the journey into the Entertainment Industry.

Alan’s unique background led him to the creation of PETROL in 2003, with partner Ben Granados. Alan & Ben started PETROL because they wanted to put their blood, sweat, and passion into doing groundbreaking, innovative work. PETROL, under Alan’s leadership, is regularly developing 360, cross-platform global campaigns spanning Entertainment, Sports, Gaming, and Consumer Products/Electronics. PETROL provides a 360 Service to its clients from CRETAIVE to MEDIA all based on STRATEGIC PLANNING. The Agency has 80 TEAM Members and is based in Burbank, California.

Some of PETROL’S most recent successes include: the launch of The Destiny Franchise in partnership with Bungie & Activision, global rebranding efforts on behalf of Western Digital’s Components unit, and multiple billion-dollar launches of Call of Duty. PETROL has also just launched UFC 2oo, the Super Bowl of MMA. Other partners include SONY, PDP, EA, NAMCO BANDAI, POP CAP, AMD, BBC AMERICA, FOX, SQUARE ENIX, NHL and numerous other partners in the Consumer Electronic and Interactive Entertainment verticals.