Image of Ravi Sawhney

Ravi Sawhney
Chief Executive Officer

LOS ANGELES, USA // Sawhney founded RKS design more than 37 years ago after leaving Xerox PARC where he was instrumental in developing the first touchscreen interface.

As RKS’s CEO, he and his teams have developed solutions for clientele in diverse industries, utilizing his widely taught Advanced Design Thinking Methodology “Psycho-Aesthetics” created in the mid 90s.

He’s also established a powerful culture at RKS focused on the belief that “it’s not how you feel about the design or experience, but rather how it makes you feel about yourself,” which helps RKS consistently develop human-focused solutions with impact.

As an entrepreneur he has been responsible for incubation of several successful companies over the decades, most notably RKS Guitars, D&A Guitar Gear and the recently launched LoanGifting; the only solution to the Student Loan Crisis engaging closed network crowd funding and employer benefits to eliminate student debt.