Image of Brett  Winn

Brett Winn
Partner/Creative Director
The Refinery Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Brett Winn brings over two decades of award-winning experience producing and editing for filmed entertainment. Launching his career as a PA at the inception of FX Networks, he later worked in promos at the FOX Broadcasting Company and then at Studio City. He helped build the broadcast promotion division at Trailer Park, and later, transitioned into theatrical trailers and became an award-winning producer/senior editor.

He took a short break to co-direct, produce and edit the award-winning feature, My Date with Drew. Then, looking to enhance his marketing perspective, Brett moved to the studio side as a Vice President of Creative Film Services at Disney Studios.

In 2008, Brett opened the doors of the The Refinery AV… and after nearly a decade, could not be more proud of his amazing team and the incredible work they create.

Interesting facts about Brett:

  • From the same city as his greatest hero: Rocky
  • As a real life guitar hero, he started fires in many a panty while in his Bon Jovi cover band during high school
  • Later in life he put out actual fires as a real life firefighter
  • Has owned over 40 cars