Call of Duty & SCREAM l What’s Your Favorite Place to Drop? Become Ghostface in the SCREAM-themed Bundle

Entrant Company
Paramount Pictures
Theatrical/Film: Partnerships & Collaborations Campaign
Entry Type
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Entrant CompanyParamount Pictures, Los Angeles
Video Game Raven Software, Madison
PresidentMarc Weinstock / Paramount Pictures
EVP CreativeBrian Pianko / Paramount Pictures
SVP CreativeNic Van Der Meer / Paramount Pictures
EVP Global PartnershipsMichelle Hagen / Paramount Pictures
SVP Global PartnershipsIrene Trachtenberg / Paramount Pictures
VP Global PartnershipsChris Shields / Paramount Pictures
Director Global PartnershipsTaylor Razzano / Paramount Pictures
Exec Director Global PartnershipsJill Gitell / Paramount Pictures
Manager Global PartnershipsAllison Lyle / Paramount Pictures
Coordinator Global Partnerships Kyle Dubin / Paramount Pictures
Director Global Partnerships Alli Hoover / Paramount Pictures
Designer Global Partnerships Nick Markham / Paramount Pictures
Chief Marketing OfficerFernando Machado / Activision
Chief Creative OfficerPelle Sjoenell / Activision
VP & Head of Marketing, Call of DutyTyler Bahl / Activision
Director of Consumer MarketingKelly Patt / Activision
Associate Manager, Consumer MarketingJene Crandall / Activision
Content Producer, Consumer MarketingThomas Int-Hout / Activision
Creative Lead, Marketing CreativeTom Flynn / Activision
Creative Strategy Lead, Marketing CreativeNick Clark / Activision
Account CoordinatorQuinn Pendleton / Activision
Senior Producer, Marketing CreativeEvan Aronson / Activision
Senior Video Artist, Marketing CreativeBrad Mandas / Activision
Senior Video Artist, Marketing CreativeMitch McCarthy / Activision
Associate Video Artist, Marketing CreativeBrooke Honkonen / Activision
Copywriter, Marketing CreativeCory Byam / Activision
Creative Lead Motion Graphics, Marketing CreativeSpencer King / Activision
Senior Motion Graphics Artist, Marketing CreativeMiguel Monteagudo / Activision
Senior Motion Graphics Artist, Marketing CreativeBrandt Snyder / Activision
Motion Graphics Artist, Marketing CreativeVictor Vargas / Activision
Senior Audio Artist, Marketing CreativeDrew Olson / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeTrevor Bresaw / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeAdam Gilmore / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeAlec Mitchell / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeBrandon Harper / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeCameron Wallace / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeCameron Wetzel Hillman / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeDaniel Barajas / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeDominic Lugo-Howell / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeEddie Marquez Sanchez / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeNicholas Conti / Activision
Capture Artist, Marketing CreativeVincent Hoang / Activision
DirectorKelsey Taylor / Eleanor
CinematographerAdam Lee / Eleanor
Executive ProducerSophie Gold / Eleanor
Production DesignerCarl Swanberg / Eleanor
ProducerRita Le Roux / Eleanor
ProducerMichael Mitchell / Armed Mind
Art DirectorVikki McDonald / Armed Mind
Creative DirectorMichael Rudin / Armed Mind
Senior Director of Live Ops and CommerceDon Oades / Treyarch
Senior Product ManagerQuinn Shelton / Treyarch
Senior Producer Chris Chowdhury / Treyarch
Senior ProducerRonnie Fazio / Treyarch
Senior UI ArtistFrankie Palmer / Treyarch
UI Artist IIGarrett Haas / Treyarch

This 2022 Clio Entertainment Shortlisted entry titled 'Call of Duty & SCREAM l What’s Your Favorite Place to Drop? Become Ghostface in the SCREAM-themed Bundle' was entered for SCREAM by Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles. The piece was submitted to the medium: Theatrical/Film: Partnerships & Collaborations Campaign within the entry type: Theatrical/Film. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.