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Free Guy & Xbox Collaboration

Entrant Company
Theatrical: Partnerships & Collaborations Campaign
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Entrant CompanyXbox, Redmond, WA
Film StudioWarner Brothers, Los Angeles
Public Relations AgencyAssembly, Seattle
Advertising Agency (Additional)Ayzenberg, Los Angeles
Advertising AgencySuper Digital, Boston
Advertising AgencyCMD, Seattle
MarketingKumar Manix / Xbox
MarketingMindy Rowe / Xbox
MarketingTaylor Smith / Xbox
MarketingBrady Bonser / Xbox
MarketingHilary Smith / Xbox
MarketingMarcos Walternberg / Xbox
MarketingAbhi Shah / Xbox
MarketingBeth Hall / Xbox
MarketingTamer El-Sharkawi / Xbox
DirectorDerek Roth / CMD Agency
DirectorStephen Stewart / CMD Agency
MarketingJarret Battisti / Ayzenberg
MarketingJude Ambrosio / Ayzenberg
MarketingJustin Anderson / Ayzenberg
MarketingCourtney L'Ecuyer / Assemby Media Inc.
MarketingNick Nelson / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingRalph Jodice / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingRé Kleinbard / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingSarah Smith / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingWesley Gore / Assembly Media Inc.
MarketingDaniel Bonaccorso / Xbox
MarketingKate Fisher / Xbox
MarketingDarren Flory / Xbox
MarketingTuly Suchon / Xbox
MarketingJason Raics / Xbox
MarketingKari Annand / Xbox
MarketingLaura Hamilton / Xbox
MarketingKeri Ross / Microsoft
MarketingAmanda O'Neal / Microsoft
MarketingBardi Moradi / Xbox
MarketingBeth Hall / Xbox
MarketingSean Jordan / Xbox
MarketingKate Yaegar / Xbox
MarketingKayla Blevins / CMD
MarketingAlexandra Wilson / Xbox
MarketingAnna Vo / Xbox
MarketingMichelle Fears / Xbox
MarketingMegan Spurr / Xbox
MarketingSean Graftis / Xbox
MarketingTy Ervin / 20th Century Fox
MarketingDon Gross / 20th Century Fox
MarketingLiz DeMartino / 20th Century Fox
MarketingNoah Young / LinkedIN
MarketingAshley Levey / LInkedIN
MarketingRegina Wu / LInkedIN
MarketingTrevor Jezierski / Xbox
WriterRyan Seibold / CMD Agency
Creative DirectorAndy Cale / CMD Agency
Executive Creative DirectorJohn O'Connell / CMD Agency
Program ManagerMarie Hirsch / CMD Agency
CreativeKendall Birch / CMD Agency
Video EditorDavid Wester / CMD Agency
Social Media StrategistJordan McDonnell / CMD Agency
DesignerJeff Boyce / CMD Agency
DesignerJeremy Gates / CMD Agency
DesignerJack Johnson / CMD Agency

This 2021 Clio Entertainment Silver winning entry titled 'Free Guy & Xbox Collaboration' was entered for Free Guy by Xbox, Redmond, WA. The piece was submitted to the medium: Theatrical: Partnerships & Collaborations Campaign within the entry type: Theatrical. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.