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Frequently Asked Questions


Entering Work


What information do I need to start entering a piece of work?

The basic information you should have to start entering a piece of work into a Clio program is the following:
-Name of work
-Jpeg image of the work
-Credits information
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I've already entered my work into one of the Clio programs, can I enter it into other Clio programs as well?

Yes, as long as you meet the entry requirements for a given program you are allowed to enter your work into it.  

However, you are not allowed to enter work that was already submitted in a previous year for consideration, unless it qualifies for a Hall of Fame medium.

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How do I submit a campaign entry?

Campaign entries consist of 2 or more pieces. Each piece within a campaign requires an individual entry form to be completed (including individual uploaded media and payment).

How to Enter a Campaign

  1. Create or edit an entry which you intend to make into one of the elements of the campaign.
  2. In the Campaign tab select YES when asked if the entry is part of a campaign.
  3. The next question will ask you if it’s a new campaign or an existing one. Select NEW.
  4. Provide a Campaign Name.
  5. Proceed completing the entry all the way to the Review step.
  6. In the Review step click the 'Add Next Entry' entry button.
  7. The first campaign element is now saved and copied to create the next element easily.
  8. Change the title and upload media asset(s). Change any other information if needed. Proceed to the Review step.
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 until all campaign elements have been added.
  10. When complete click Add to Cart and proceed to check out.

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Is there a limit to the number of mediums I can enter a piece of work into?

No, you can enter a piece of work into any appropriate mediums for a given program, there is no limit.

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I entered my work into a Clio program last year but did not win, can I re-enter it again this year?

Regardless of whether you won or not, you are not allowed to re-enter work from a previous year into an awards program.  Please see the General Eligibility requirements listed for each program to find out what you are allowed to enter:

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In the credits, do I need to list every single person or company that contributed to the work?

While it is not required, we recommend that you are as comprehensive as possible when filling out the credit details with your entry.  Should your work make the shortlist or win an award, the credits will show within the Winners gallery.  For more information regarding Credits, see here

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I made a mistake on my entry or forgot to include some people on the credits, can I make changes after it has been submitted?

While we encourage you to be as thorough and accurate as possible when entering your credits information for entry, we realize this isn't always possible.  Credit updates are allowed after the entry has been submitted, however we cannot guarantee that these will be reflected immediately within places like the Winners Gallery.

In most cases, you will be able to sign into the Entries system and manage credit updates yourself, however during certain periods the system will be inaccessible for these.  In such instances you will need to reach out directly to the Clio team to request credit updates.

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I've started my entry but still need to gather some more information, will I lose all of the information I've entered so far?

The system will save your work at certain intervals, but to ensure you don't lose any progress you've made on your entries please be sure to click the 'Save Entries' button at the bottom of the screen before you exit.  You can always return at a later time to finish entering your work.

Please note, however, that the deadline period that will apply to you is dependent on when you actually submit the entry, not when you started entering information.

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What are the deadlines for submitting entries?

Each program typically has three deadlines for entries (1st, 2nd, Final).  The entry prices change depending upon will deadline period the program is currently in.  To see the key dates for each respective Clio program:

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Why are there different deadlines for entries within a program?

The deadlines within the programs incentivize users to get their entries in at the earliest.  This allows the Clio team the most time to check over and process all entry information.

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What deadline price will I be charged if I started entering my work during one period but didn't submit it until another?

The entry fees are determined by the date you actually successfully submit your work into the program, not when you begin working on an entry.  

For example, if you started entering your work into the Clio entries system during the 1st deadline but did not complete it at that time and finally submitted it during the 2nd deadline period then you will be charged the 2nd deadline entry fees. 

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Can we purchase additional Clio statues for our team members?

Yes, additional statues for Clio winning work are available in the Clio Store.  Only those listed in the credits are eligible to purchase personalized duplicate statues.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

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What is the policy on shipping and refunds for duplicate statues?

As all duplicate statuettes are personalized, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Shipping on US domestic orders is charged at $15.00 per statuette.  All international orders are charged a flat rate of $65.00, regardless of how many statues are included in the order.

As the statuettes are personalized, we do not accept refunds on any orders.

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