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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Submission Practices

Please feel free to utilize our Best Submission Practices Guide for general guidance and helpful tips on how to enter our Clio Award programs.

You can find each Clio program’s Best Submission Practices Guide here.


Entering Work


Statue Duplicates

What information do I need to start entering a piece of work?

The basic information that you will be asked to enter when submitting your Clio entry is:

  • Entry Title – The entry title is a short name for this entry. Keep it short, memorable, and descriptive. We suggest you not include the brand name, agency name, or medium type as these will be on your entry in other areas and don’t need to be duplicated.
  • Entry Brand - The entry brand is the brand, organization, individual or cause the entry is advertising.
  • First Launch Date - The date that the work first launched in public.
  • Country of Origin - The country in which the work was first released to the market.
  • Synopsis (optional) - The main objective of the entry, written as concisely as possible. Please include any additional context needed; including cultural background, insights on the creative process and/or specific notes on what makes the entry unique in the medium entered. Though a synopsis is optional, it is highly encouraged.
  • English Language Translation - We ask that you dub or subtitle your non-English language videos into English. If this is not an option, please provide a text-based English translation.
  • Entrant Company Credit - This credit is important because it not only displays who is entering the work, but should your piece be awarded, this company credit will appear on the trophy.


Note: In addition to this basic information all entries require a Cover Image (JPG). The image will be used as the thumbnail during judging, as well as on our Winners Gallery and potentially on our social channels. This image should represent the brand/product being marketed. Other required information varies per Clio program and medium.

As a friendly reminder, per Clio policy, all entries must remain anonymous to jurors, therefore, please remove the following from your entry: agency credits, individual credits, logos and/or slates. Please keep any and all credits within the Credits portion of your entry.

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Is there a time limit for case study videos?

No, there is no time limit for videos. We recommend keeping all case study videos under 3 minutes for judging purposes. For more information on media requirements please visit our Clio Resources Page and select the desired Clio program.

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How long should my entry synopsis be?

Although there is no minimum or maximum number of words, we recommend you keep your synopsis to approximately 300 words. We suggest you utilize this section of your entry to elaborate on the piece as well as the creativity of your idea. It’s helpful to cater your synopsis to the selected medium/category, and is also a great place to provide any helpful context, including cultural context.

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I've already entered my work into one of the Clio programs, can I enter it into other Clio programs as well?

Yes, as long as you meet the entry requirements for a given program you are allowed to enter your work into it. (ex. A piece previously entered into Clio Sports may be entered into the Clio Awards so long as it meets the eligibility dates.)

However, you are not allowed to enter work into the same program that was already submitted in a previous year for consideration.

The Creative Effectiveness Medium is the only exception to the above. Please see the General Eligibility requirements listed for each program for more details.

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What’s the difference between a single entry and a campaign entry? How do I submit a campaign entry?

Campaign entries consist of 2 or more executions that are part of a series in the same medium. Each execution within a campaign requires a title and individually uploaded media within the Executions tab on the entry form. Single entry fees and Campaign entry fees differ and slightly increase with each deadline; See “Entry Fees” on the desired Clio program for details.

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How to Enter a Campaign Entry

Campaign entries consist of 2 or more executions that are part of a series in the same medium. Each execution within a campaign requires a title and individually uploaded media within the Executions tab on the entry form.

How to Enter a Campaign

  1. Select a medium to create a new entry.
  2. Complete the required Basic Info fields (Entry Title, Entry Brand, Cover Image).
  3. Select “Campaign Entry” under the “Campaign or Single Entry” field.
  4. Confirm you would like to “Change Campaign Status” by selecting “Yes, Change”. (If this is an entry you had been working on as a single entry, any media you uploaded on the Media tab of your submission will be added to your first execution in the Executions Tab)
  5. Fill out the required information on the Additional Information tab (Country of Origin, First Launch Date, etc.)
  6. Once on the Executions tab, you’ll see the title of your campaign entry at the top. Campaigns consist of two or more executions that are part of a series in the same medium and category. A Campaign that is mixed consists of two or more executions that are part of a series in the same medium but different categories.
  7. Give each execution a title that is short and descriptive, and add media as appropriate. To add additional executions, click "Add Execution" until your entry is complete.
  8. Display Order: In this section, you may change the order the executions display in your campaign entry by clicking and dragging them to adjust. This will impact how the entry displays for jurors and in the Winners Gallery if your entry is awarded. If you change the display order, please be sure to select “Save Display Order”. It is in this area you may also delete an execution from your campaign if you wish to do so.
  9. After reviewing your entry summary, read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly and click “I agree to these conditions.”
  10. If no other required action is necessary, you can add this entry to your cart and check out.

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In the credits, do I need to list every single person or company that contributed to the work?

While it is not required, we recommend that you are as comprehensive as possible when filling out the credit details with your entry. Should your work make the shortlist or win an award, the credits will show within the Winners gallery. For more information regarding Credits, see here

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Can I make changes to credits after the final deadline?

While we encourage you to be as thorough and accurate as possible when entering your credits information for entry, we realize this isn't always possible. Credit updates are allowed after the entry has been submitted, however we cannot guarantee that these will be reflected immediately within places like the Winners Gallery.

In most cases, you will be able to sign into the Entries system and manage credit updates yourself, however during certain periods the system will be inaccessible for these. In such instances you will need to reach out directly to the Clio team to request credit updates.

To update credits on your entries from 2023 and before, please head to and follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click “View All Programs”
  3. Select the desired Clio program, click “My Entries”
  4. There, you’ll click the last tab, titled, “My Orders”
  5. Select “Edit Entry” to the desired entry
  6. Click the “Credits” tab to make edits
  7. Click “Save My Entry” to finalize updates

Please allow some time for this to reflect onto the Winners Gallery.

To update credits on your entries from 2023 and beyond, please head to and follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on “Entries”, and then “Orders”
  • Select “Edit Entry” to the desired entry
  • Click on the “Credits” tab and add or remove credits as needed
  • In order to view all of your credits or upload credits in larger batches, navigate to the Credit Library tab at the top of the screen
  • Note: Credits can only be edited in the Credit Library if they are not attached to an existing entry. Credits added to an entry on the entry form are automatically added to your Credit Library.
  • Save your entry to finalize updates


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I need a formal invoice for my order, how can I access this?

To request a formal invoice, please contact us at with the following information:

  • Order ID
  • Additional change requests (if applicable)
  • Contact Information for invoice delivery
Please note that requests take up to 2-4 weeks. Once the invoice is prepared it will be emailed to the contact provided.

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What entry information do the jurors review?

The following information is presented to jurors:

  • All applicable basic entry information including: Entry Title and Brand, Campaign Name, Entry Type, Medium and Category
  • All applicable media including:  Images, Videos, Audio Files, PDFs and URLs provided (depending on what media the medium allows)
  • Entry Synopsis and any applicable specialty fields (Where did this run?, Strategy, etc.)
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If my piece is awarded, what information is displayed on the Winners Gallery?

If your submission is awarded or shortlisted, the following information will be displayed on the Winners Gallery:

  • Brand
  • Title
  • Entrant Company
  • Media (Images, Videos, Audio files)
  • Credits (company and individual)


You can visit our Winners Galleries here:

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What are the deadlines for submitting entries?

Each program typically has three deadlines for entries (1st, 2nd, Final). The entry fees depend on what deadline period the program is currently in. All deadline pricing changes at 11:59PM EST on each deadline date. To see the key dates for each respective Clio program:

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What deadline price will I be charged if I started entering my work during one period but didn't submit it until another?

The entry fees are determined by the date you successfully submit your work into the program, not when you begin working on an entry.  

For example, if you started entering your work into the Clio entries system during the 1st deadline but did not submit it until the 2nd deadline period then you will be charged the 2nd deadline entry fees. 

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Can we purchase additional Clio statues for our team members?

Yes, additional statues for Clio winning work are available in the Clio Store. Only those listed in the credits are eligible to request personal credits on the statue nameplate, otherwise they will have to provide a credit confirmation from the entrant company.

All Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies must have a minimum of 5 lines, and a maximum of 8. Lines 3 (Brand) and 5 (Company) will appear bold. The maximum number of credits per line is 62, including spaces. An example of a nameplate below:

  • Line 1: Year/Program (ex. 2019 Clio Sports Awards)
  • Line 2: Medium (ex. Social Media)
  • Line 3: Brand
  • Line 4: Title
  • Line 5: Company Credit
  • Line 6: Additional Company Credit or Individual Credit

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

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What is the policy on shipping and refunds for duplicate statues?

As all duplicate statuettes are personalized, please allow around 8-12 weeks for delivery. Once tracking information is available, it will be sent to the email you provided to purchase the order; We recommend you monitor this tracking closely. Clio does NOT accept refunds on any orders. Shipping will vary depending on destination.

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What will the nameplate of my trophy look like, should my entry be awarded?

The data fields that are pulled from your entry to be engraved on your winning complimentary trophy are as follows:

  • Line 1 (Year/Program): 2023 Clio Awards
  • Line 2 (Medium): Print
  • Line 3 (Brand): McDonald’s
  • Line 4 (Title): Golden Arches Poster
  • Line 5 (Entrant Company): XYZCompany

Keep lines 3 - 5 in mind when completing your entry.


Questions still left unanswered? Please reach out to us using our Contact Form.