Atura o Baile (Put Up with the Dance)

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Africa Creative
Social Media
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Advertising AgencyAfrica Creative, São Paulo
Advertising AgencyGana Agency, São Paulo
Post Production CompanyMassai, São Paulo
Ambev ProductionDraftLine Integrada, São Paulo
Production CompanyKondzilla, São Paulo
Sound Production CompanyCANJA, São Paulo
Chief Creative OfficerSergio Gordilho / Africa Creative
Executive Creative DirectorAngerson Vieira / Africa Creative
Executive Creative DirectorBruno Valença / Africa Creative
Executive Creative DirectorRaphael Quatrocci / Africa Creative
Creative DirectorYllo Pedra / Africa Creative
Creative DirectorHélio Maffia / Africa Creative
Senior CopywriterAdriano Sato / Africa Creative
VP of Client ServiceHeloisa Pupim / Africa Creative
Client ServicesAna Carolina Andrade / Africa Creative
Client ServicesJéssica Bodelace / Africa Creative
Client ServicesYasmin Ferreira / Africa Creative
MediaAga Porada / Africa Creative
MediaThiago Martinez / Africa Creative
MediaVictor Berto / Africa Creative
MediaCaroline Richa / Africa Creative
MediaAmanda Santana / Africa Creative
MediaPablo Meira / Africa Creative
MediaWenderson Gontijo / Africa Creative
CSOAldo Pini / Africa Creative
StrategyWes Gagliano / Africa Creative
VP of Special Projects and Creative ContentJuliana Leite / Africa Creative
Director of Special ProjectsLica de Souza / Africa Creative
Project ManagerTheo Etlin / Africa Creative
Creative ProducersThays Miranda / Africa Creative
Creative ProducersLais Cattena / Africa Creative
Creative ProducersGiovanna Lima / Africa Creative
Awards DirectorIsabela Levy / Africa Creative
Awards AssistantValentina De LucaAwards / Africa Creative
Head of ProductionRodrigo Ferrari / Africa Creative
Agency ProducersTais Olhiara / Africa Creative
Agency ProducersGabriela Ferrer / Africa Creative
Executive ProducerAle Sarilho / Massai
Executive ProducerPaulo Geraissate / Massai
Post-production coordinatorPatrícia Bornato / Massai
Post-production coordinatorYago Rodrigues / Massai
EditorFernando Ávila / Massai
FinisherVinícius de Araujo / Massai
VFXPedro Lima / Massai
VFXGuilherme Antunes Tatiyama / Massai
Chief Creative OfficerAry Nogueira / Gana Agency
Chief Creative OfficerFelipe Silva / Gana Agency
Associate Creative DirectorGui Cruz / Gana Agency
Creative teamLeonardo Rocha / Gana Agency
Creative TeamThamara Pinheiro / Gana Agency
Client ServicesGilmara Bartilotti / Gana Agency
StrategyMycra Alves / Gana Agency
StrategyBruna Coelho / Gana Agency
ContentSibely Nunes / Gana Agency
ContentJulia Melo / Gana Agency
Content Creative TeamLeticia Nunes / Gana Agency
Content Creative TeamGabriella Forabelli / Gana Agency
Head of ProductionJulia Kannebley / DraftLine Integrada
Executive of Integrated ProductionCaio Baldini / DraftLine Integrada
Executive ProducerKarin Stuckenschmidt / DraftLine Integrada
Executive ProducerCarlos Grübber / DraftLine Integrada
ProducerGabi Froemming / DraftLine Integrada
ProducerValdir Santos / DraftLine Integrada
DirectorKaique Alves / Kondzilla
ADLuisa Correa Peliello / Kondzilla
2ADMaria Eduarda Vieia Felsmann / Kondzilla
FounderKonrad Dantas / Kondzilla
Executive ProducerEduardo Saraiva / Kondzilla
Commercial DirectorRoberto Severo / Kondzilla
Account ExecutiveGabriel Barros / Kondzilla
Project ManagerBetânia Menardi / Kondzilla
Social Media - Kondzilla BusinessAlex Ribeiro / Kondzilla
Social Media - KondzillaAnna Alves / Kondzilla
JournalistLucas Morata / Kondzilla
Production DirectorDiogo Pinaffi / Kondzilla
ProducerNatalia Damasceno / Kondzilla
Production AssistantJuliana Alves / Kondzilla
Artistic ProducerAna Gabriela Lima de Almeida / Kondzilla
Set assistantRobson Martins Barbosa / Kondzilla
Set assistantJosé Aldevam Andrade Ferreira / Kondzilla
Set assistantGabrielle Dos Santos Rodrigues / Kondzilla
Location ProducerEduardo Bitar / Kondzilla
EditingKaique Alves / Kondzilla
Color GradingMarla Colour Grading
MotionFelipe Ferreira
FinisherMatheus Becker
Postproduction coordinatorThais Alves
PhotographerGabriel Bianchini
Stedicam OperatorGustavo Morozini
1st Assistant CameraJorge Dayeh
2nd Assistant CameraLais Teixeira
LoggerRicardo Carpin
Video AssistantCamila França Nogueira de Medeiros e Silva
Sound DirectorBruno Gomes Augustin
Drone LightAlberto Kalin Youssef Matulaitis
Making OfJackson Kleber Franco
Art DirectorDiego Castilho
Art ProducerLuciana Trovato
Art Set AssistantMarkus Brandt Walckiers
Art Set AssistantAllan Rodrigues De Jesus Firmino
Art Set AssistantMauricio Pereira Vidinha
Art Set AssistantMauricio Mauro
Art Set AssistantRenato Fernandes Marques de Oliveira
Object AssistantGustavo Ribeiro Miranda
Stage ManagerRicardo do Carmo Queiroz - Carioca
CelebrityJojo Todynho
AgentJadhy Fernanda
Costume DesignThiago Setra
Account and Project ManagerMatheus Peres / CANJA
Client ServicesGuga Costa / CANJA
Project CoordinationAna Flor Bohrer / CANJA
Project CoordinationFlavia Medeiros / CANJA
Musical DirectionEduardo Karas / CANJA
Musical DirectionLucas Sfair / CANJA
Musical DirectionFilipe Resende / CANJA
Sound Design & MIXBruno Vieira Brixel / CANJA
Sound Design & MIXLevi Mynssen de Mello / CANJA
Approved byDaniel Wakswaser / Ambev
Approved byFelipe Cerchiari / Ambev
Approved byCarol Caracas / Ambev
Approved byAndré Mota / Ambev
Approved byCibele Nunes / Ambev
Approved byLudmila Kaminskas / Ambev
Approved byRenata Hilário / Ambev
Approved byBeatriz Medeiros / Ambev
Approved byKelen Lima / Ambev
Approved byThaísa Bianchi Alvarenga / Ambev
Approved byMarcos Madeira / Ambev
Approved byDanilo Lopes / Ambev
Approved byCaroline Fonseca / Ambev
Approved byCarolina Saad / Ambev
Approved byLucas Alves / Ambev

This 2023 Clio Sports Silver winning entry titled 'Atura o Baile (Put Up with the Dance)' was entered for Budweiser by Africa Creative, São Paulo. The piece was submitted to the medium: Direct within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Social Media. It consists of 2 videos and 3 images.