Plowing for Pizza

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Advertiser / BrandDomino's, Ann Arbor
AgencyWorkInProgress, Boulder
Production CompanyYork Productions, Los Angeles
Visual Effects CompanyFramestore, Los Angeles
ColorCompany 3, Los Angeles
Mix HouseLime Studios, Los Angeles
Editorial CompanyWild Manor, Boulder
Music & Sound DesignSinging Serpent, New York, NY
Snow Plow Manufacturer & Partner Buyers Products, Mentor
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer Matt Talbot / WorkInProgress
Senior Vice President - Chief Brand Officer Kate Trumbull / Domino's
Chief Executive Officer Russell Weiner / Domino's
President, U.S. & Global ServicesJoe Jordan / Domino's
Senior Vice President - Chief Brand Officer Kate Trumbull / Domino's
Director, Advertising Paige Schaefer / Domino's
Director, Advertising Elaine Philippart / Domino's
Manager, Advertising Jorge Sanabria / Domino's
Associate Manager, Advertising Gaby Del Cueto Luna / Domino's
Digital Advertising Manager Katie Crew / Domino's
Senior Director, Communications Jenny Fouracre-Petko / Domino's
Manager, Public Relations Danielle Bulger / Domino's
Specialist, Public RelatoinsKatelyn McQuillan / Domino's
Team Leader, MediaDanielle Stevens / Domino's
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer Matt Talbot / WorkInProgress
Creative DirectorD'Arcy O'Neill / WorkInProgress
Creative DirectorKelly McCormick / WorkInProgress
Senior Art Director Alex Berry / WorkInProgress
Senior Copywriter Tyler Burton / WorkInProgress
Associate Design Director Jimmy Rosen / WorkInProgress
Senior Designer Tyler Merritt / WorkInProgress
Co-Founder & Director of Production Stafford Bosak / WorkInProgress
Director of Video Production Molly Schaaf / WorkInProgress
Executive ProducerAmy Mainero / WorkInProgress
Junior Producer Liz Quintero / WorkInProgress
Co-Founder_Account & StrategyAlex Guerri / WorkInProgress
Co-Founder_Account & Strategy Evan Russack / WorkInProgress
Director_Account & Strategy Sally Kubancik / WorkInProgress
Supervisor_Account & Strategy Logan Lyles / WorkInProgress
Co-Founder_Technology Harold Jones / WorkInProgress
Director of Interactive Production Dan Corken / WorkInProgress
Integrated Producer Matt Theis / WorkInProgress
DirectorJen Stafford / York Productions
Line Producer Tina Nakane / York Productions
Executive ProducerMichel Waxman / York Productions
EditorJessica Farmer / Wild Manor
Editorial & Post Producer Kate Swenson / Wild Manor
Owner/Executive Producer Lennon Barnica / Wild Manor
Senior Producer Kaylee Behn / Wild Manor
Executive ProducerDan Roberts / Framestore
Associate Producer Jose Alvarado / Framestore
Associate Producer Diego Bonora / Framestore
Composing Supervisor Woei Lee / Framestore
Senior Compositor Glen Teel / Framestore
Compositor Amanda Harris / Framestore
Compositor Justin Myrick / Framestore
Senior Producer Andrew McLintock / Framestore
Producer Daniel Brimer / Framestore
Colorist Tyler Roth / Company 3
Producer, Short FormNadia Dabibi / Company 3
Sound Designer/Mixer Peter Lapinski / Lime Studios
Audio Executive Producer Susie Boyajan / Lime Studios
Audio Associate Producer Cassie Underwood / Lime Studios
Executive ProducerDennis Culp / Singing Serpent
Composer Masaya Ozaki / Singing Serpent
Developer Dan Will / Built By Mechanic
DeveloperAsh Warren / Built By Mechanic
QA Specialist Heather MacPhearson / TopNotchQA
QA Specialist Kent Estupinan / TopNotchQA
QA Specialist Nolan Nichols / TopNotchQA
Associate Creative DirectorChelsea Anderson / WorkInProgress
Associate Creative DirectorAndrew Bridgers / WorkInProgress

This 2024 Clio Awards Silver winning entry titled 'Plowing for Pizza' was entered for Domino's by WorkInProgress, Boulder. The piece was submitted to the medium: Experience/Activation within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: ‌Other. It consists of 2 videos and 10 images.