Roc Nation / The Brooklyn Library

The Book of HOV

Entrant Company
Special Build
Entry Type
Public Service
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ClientRoc Nation, New York
Creative AgencyGENERAL IDEA, New York
Production StudioK2 Worldwide, New York
Production CompanyTribe Design, Salem
Production CompanyESM Productions, Philadelphia
Production CompanyRoc Nation, New York
Production CompanySpecial Production Agency, New York
Non-ProfitBrooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn
Design CompanyLinked By Air, Brooklyn
StudioPineapple Street Studios, Brooklyn
Music/Sound CompanyADI: Audible Differences Inc., Brooklyn
Architecture & PlanningAFORM Architects, New York
Production CompanyAll Access Staging and Productions, Newton
Production CompanyATD Audio Visual, Bronx
Production CompanyAtomic Productions, New York
Production CompanyDaedalus Design and Productions, Brooklyn
Design CompanyDCM Fabrication, Brooklyn
Production CompanyEssay Video, Norwalk
Arts Logistics Gander & White Shipping, Queens
Photography StudioJarren Vink Studio, New York
Audio & Video DesignJD Audio & Video Design, Fort Lee
Production StudioLjoma, Paris
Production CompanyLuxious Creative, Boston, Boston
VendorMedco Electrical, Brooklyn
Printing Company NAVA Press, Milan
Fabrication StudioNew Project, Brooklyn
Design & Fabrication Company Pink Sparrow, Brooklyn
Sound Design CompanyProfessional Audio Design Inc., Brooklyn
Production CompanyRoc Builders, West Nyack
Consulting EngineeringRodney Gibble Consulting Engineers, New York
Design CompanySandy Alexander, Clifton
Production CompanyScenicorp, Brooklyn
Design CompanyTwoSeven, Brooklyn
Printing Company UniqueVisuals NY, New York
Production CompanyWinick Productions, New York
Chief Executive OfficerIan Scatzberg / GENERAL IDEA
Creative DirectorKen Tokunaga / GENERAL IDEA
DesignerLauren Nikrooz / Lauren Nikrooz
Creative Consultant & StrategistZach Seely / GENERAL IDEA
Account ManagerDemarco Jones / GENERAL IDEA
ProducerMolly McMullin / GENERAL IDEA
Art DirectorAdam Morten / GENERAL IDEA
Art DirectorJordan Barnett / GENERAL IDEA
Production ManagerLily Rodgers / Tribe Design
DesignerMaria Garcia / Tribe Design
Production ManagerCraig Inciardi / Tribe Design
Executive ProducerScott Mirkin / ESM Productions
Executive ProducerCraig Mirkin / ESM Productions
Executive ProducerBruce Rodgers / Tribe Design
Executive ProducerShelley Rodgers / Tribe Design
Production ManagerMelody Delia / K2 Worldwide
DesignerMaggie McNeill / K2 Worldwide
Project ManagerMayuko Gilmore / K2 Worldwide
ProducerOlivia Mauceri / K2 Worldwide
ProducerIra Demianiuk / K2 Worldwide
ProducerAngrette McCloskey / K2 Worldwide
ProducerWhere / K2 Worldwide
Production AssistantClara Daniels / K2 Worldwide
WriterKat Aaron / Pineapple Street Studios
WriterAaron Edwards / Pineapple Street Studios
ProducerEmmanuel Hapsis / Pineapple Street Studios
PresidentLinda E. Johnson / Brooklyn Public Library
Art DirectorSavannah Kodish / GENERAL IDEA

This 2024 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'The Book of HOV' was entered for Roc Nation / The Brooklyn Library by GENERAL IDEA, New York. The piece was submitted to the medium: Experience/Activation within the entry type: Public Service and the category: Special Build. It consists of 1 video and 10 images.