Entrant Company
Forsman & Bodenfors
Fashion & Beauty
Entry Type
Fashion & Beauty Marketing
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Agency NetworkMDC Partners
Holding CompanyMDC Partners
Production CompanyRadical Media, New York
Advertiser BrandSK-II, Singapore
Advertising AgencyForsman & Bodenfors, Singapore
Entrant CompanyForsman & Bodenfors, Singapore
Post Production CompanyOutpost
Music/Sound CompanyLeland Music
Media AgencyMano, Copenhagen
Media AgencyVerizon, Copenhagen
Client Services DirectorAbbe Hale / Forsman & Bodenfors
Campaign ManagerHongi Luo / Forsman & Bodenfors
ProducerPatrik Danroth / Forsman & Bodenfors
Creative DirectorJohanna Hofman-Bang / Forsman & Bodenfors
Creative DirectorKalle Åkestam / Forsman & Bodenfors
DesignerJason Feng / Forsman & Bodenfors
DesignerAndrea Kellerman / Forsman & Bodenfors
Executive ProducerJim Bouvet / Radical Media
DirectorMollie Mills / Radical Media
ProducerJosh Barwick / Radical Media
ProducerSteven Kostyo / Radical Media
Director of PhotographyJordan Buck / Radical Media
Director of PhotographyKelly Jeffrey / Radical Media
DesignerLaura Ochoa / Radical Media
Executive ProducerBrendan Hermes / Outpost Digital
ProducerGreg Netter / Outpost Digital
EditorGrace McIntee / Outpost Digital
EditorLilli Rose Lyons / Outpost Digital
EditorEmanuel Asamere / Outpost Digital
EditorDana Nyberg / Outpost Digital
DesignerJosh Kanuck / Outpost Digital
DesignerMatthew Mascia / Outpost Digital
DesignerMatthew Schwab / Outpost Digital
ProducerJames Uminowicz / Outpost Digital
ProducerArniesha Williams / Outpost Digital
Account TeamWhitney Yannacci / Outpost Digital
ProgrammerAlexander Santoro / Outpost Digital
ProgrammerSante Ferrante / Outpost Digital
Account TeamGino Volpe / Outpost Digital
ProducerMichael D. Perlo / Outpost Digital
ProducerKendra Darrow / Outpost Digital
ComposerEdward Critchley / Leland Music
PhotographerNicolas Peyrau / Forsman & Bodenfors
StrategistThor Otar / Mano
Account TeamLiv Sorensen / Mano
StrategistLeander Sodji / Mano
Account TeamJakob Stigler / Mano
Account TeamJesper Laumand / Verizon
StrategistYangze Wang / Verizon
Account TeamSandra Rasmussen / Verizon
Account TeamNicklas Fjelsted / Verizon
Account TeamYuki Narouka / Verizon
StrategistJane Nguyenova / Verizon

This 2020 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'Timelines' was entered for SK-II by Forsman & Bodenfors, Singapore. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: MDC Partners and holding company: MDC Partners. The piece was submitted to the medium: Fashion & Beauty within the entry type: Fashion & Beauty Marketing. It consists of 5 videos and 1 image.