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Channel 4 Idents 2023

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Art Practice
Film Craft (Direction)
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Advertiser / BrandChannel 4, London
Advertiser / Brand4creative, London
Production CompanyArt Practice, London
Executive Creative DirectorLynsey Atkin / 4creative
MarketingZaid Al-Qassab / Channel 4
DirectorSaman Aminzadeh / Love Song
DirectorOptical Arts / Optical Arts
DirectorBafic / Love Song
DirectorMike Battcock / Art Practice
DirectorWill Dohrn / Love Song
DirectorDaniel Eatock / Daniel Eatock
DirectorMike Skrgatic and James Allen / Art Practice
DirectorVerity May Lane / Love Song
DirectorMaria Lax / Maria Lax
DirectorLouis McCourt / Love Song
DirectorJustyna Obasi / Love Song
DirectorElliott Power / Love Song
DirectorDaniel Wolfe / Love Song
DirectorDan Tobin Smith / Dan Tobin Smith Studios
Managing DirectorKatie Jackson / 4creative
MarketingAmber Kirby / Channel 4
Executive ProducerJames Guy / Art Practice
ProducerBonnie Anthony / Art Practice
Production ManagerJulia Guignabel / Art Practice
CinematographerDaniel Landin / Art Practice
CinematographerEponine Momenceau / Art Practice
Art DirectorMatthew Fraser / Art Practice
Art DirectorImogen Grant Toner / Art Practice
EditorFouad Gaber / Trim Editing
VFX ProducerChris Aliano / Time Based Arts
2D SupervisorStephen Grasso, / Time Based Arts
2D SupervisorLeo Weston / Time Based Arts
2D SupervisorMiguel Wratten / Time Based Arts
3D SupervisorMike Battcock / Time Based Arts
3D SupervisorSam Osborne / Time Based Arts
3D SupervisorNick Smalley / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistManolo Perez / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistJamie Crofts / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistOlivia O’Neil / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistLucy Lawrence / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistValeria Scalamandre / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistEleonora Laddago / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistBernie Varela / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistChris Fraser / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistDan Cowley / Time Based Arts
2D ArtistTom Robinson / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistBen Cantor / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistNigel Timms / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistBethan Williams / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistIan Baird / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistJordan Coles / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistMaxime Ponsart / Time Based Arts
3D ArtoistJoe Ibbett / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistTeodora Retegan / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistQuentin Corker-Marin / Time Based Arts
3D ArtistStephen Ross / Time Based Arts

This 2024 Clio Awards Gold winning entry titled 'Channel 4 Idents 2023' was entered for Channel 4 by Art Practice, London. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film Craft (Direction) within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Direction. It consists of 2 videos and 1 image.