Do What You Can't

Entrant Company
Film Technique (Animation)
Entry Type
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Agency NetworkLeo Burnett
Holding CompanyPublicis Groupe
Production CompanyMJZ, Los Angeles, CA
Advertiser / BrandSamsung, Ridgefield Park, NJ
Entrant CompanyMPC, Culver City
Visual Effects CompanyMoving Picture Company, Los Angeles, CA
DirectorMatthijs Van Heijningen / MJZ
ProducerMatt Blitz / Leo Burnett
CinematographerJoost Van Gelder / MJZ
ColoristMark Gethin / MPC
Executive ProducerMeghan Lang / MPC
ProducerRebecca Boorsma / MPC
Associate ProducerElyse Robinson / MPC
Executive ProducerKaren Anderson / MPC
ProducerNicole Saccardi / MPC
Creative DirectorMichael Gregory / MPC
Head of 3DCarsten Keller / MPC
ProducerTomek Zietkiewicz / MPC
Creative DirectorDiarmid Harrison Murray / MPC
ProducerSophie Lebreton / MPC
Line ProducerNeela Kumuda Parankusham / MPC
ArtistGustavo Bellon / MPC
ArtistToya Drechsler / MPC
ArtistBenji Davidson / MPC
ArtistDominic Edwards / MPC
ArtistBrendan Echsner / MPC
ArtistRocco Gioffre / MPC
ArtistRyan McDougal / MPC
ArtistKathleen Kirkman / MPC
ArtistAlvaro Segura / MPC
ArtistRodrigo Carrasco / MPC
ArtistJared Sanders / MPC
ArtistTed Abeyta / MPC
ArtistMohan Pugaz / MPC
ArtistBaskaran S / MPC
ArtistJyoti Prakash Panda / MPC
ArtistSravan Kumar / MPC
ArtistSindhuja B / MPC
ArtistShaik Abdul Rahim / MPC
ArtistHemanth Anusuri / MPC
ArtistElangovan Ganeshan / MPC
ArtistEarnest Victor / MPC
ArtistAnkit Dheraj Toppo / MPC
ArtistGowri Shankar Velusamy D / MPC
ArtistSachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar / MPC
ArtistKiran V / MPC
ArtistSreejimol CP / MPC
ArtistR Kumaresan / MPC
ArtistPadma Priya / MPC
ArtistJoslin J Mathew / MPC
ArtistBruno Roosewelt / MPC
ArtistShalwin Shaiju / MPC
ArtistShaik Abdul Adil / MPC
ArtistM D Karthikeyan / MPC
ArtistStalin Balan / MPC
ArtistS. Samson Samuel / MPC
ArtistSilambarasan R P / MPC
ArtistP N Arunkumar / MPC
ArtistBala Krishnan R / MPC
ArtistVenkata s / MPC
ArtistRashabh Bhutani / MPC
ArtistXavier Zahrra / MPC
ArtistJeremie Abrial / MPC

This 2017 Clio Awards Silver winning entry titled 'Do What You Can't' was entered for Samsung by MPC, Culver City. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Leo Burnett and holding company: Publicis Groupe. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film Technique (Animation) within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Animation. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.