Chicago International Film Festival

[Life Subtitled]

Entrant Company
Out of Home
Entry Type
Public Service
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Agency NetworkOgilvy
Holding CompanyWPP Group
Production CompanySarofsky, Chicago
Advertiser BrandChicago International Film Festival, Chicago
Advertising AgencyOgilvy, Chicago
Entrant CompanyOgilvy, Chicago
Deputy Chief Creative Officer, WorldwideJoe Sciarrotta / Ogilvy
Executive Creative DirectorDave Loew / Ogilvy
Executive Design DirectorGabe Usadel / Ogilvy
Group Creative DirectorHital Pandya / Ogilvy
Design DirectorConnor Fleming / Ogilvy
Creative DirectorKate Desmarais / Ogilvy
Creative DirectorMarina Arnone / Ogilvy
Creative DirectorMark Bruker / Ogilvy
CopywriterHannah Lacava / Ogilvy
Art DirectorSummers Ford / Ogilvy
Executive ProducerGayle McCormick / Hogarth
Content Creative DirectorKyle Obriot / Ogilvy
Senior EditorChris Mines / Hogarth
Audio EngineerJoe Griffin / Hogarth
ProducerRachel Steele / Hogarth
Account DirectorRoyce Kurtz / Ogilvy
Executive Creative DirectorErin Sarofsky / Sarofsky
Creative DirectorDuarte Elvas / Sarofsky
ProducerDylan Ptak / Sarofsky
Marketing ManagerAndrew Van Beek / Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival
Managing DirectorVivian Teng / Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival
Artistic DirectorMimi Plauche / Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival
Executive Committee member of the Cinema/Chicago Governing Board and the President of Mitten, Inc.Mark Mitten / Cinema/Chicago Governing Board, Mitten, Inc.

This 2023 Clio Awards Bronze winning entry titled '[Life Subtitled] ' was entered for Chicago International Film Festival by Ogilvy, Chicago. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Ogilvy and holding company: WPP Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Out of Home within the entry type: Public Service and the category: Transit. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.