Image of Sujeesh Sukumaran

Sujeesh Sukumaran
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Point Blank Advertising

MUMBAI, INDIA // Sujeesh Sukumaran is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Point Blank Advertising Private Limited, an independent Healthcare Communications firm based

in Mumbai, India. In the 16 years since inception, Point Blank has grown from a 3-man-army to being a force to reckon with; and, today, is one among the leading healthcare communications agencies in India with an enviable list of clients.

Always believing in the maxim of "our work should speak for us", Sujeesh has helped Point Blank build the solid reputation of being a creative powerhouse. He is a firm believer that great ideas are born from simple patient-centric insights. At Point Blank, he encourages his team to ask as many questions as possible about a patient’s daily life and struggles before they even start thinking about an idea.

A spate of awards and finalist certificates in the most respected trio of Clio Health, Global Awards and The Rx Club bear testimony to that fact.

Besides driving creative innovation at Point Blank, Sujeesh is a philosophy student, keen fitness enthusiast and avid marathon runner.