Image of Angelia Jones

Angelia Jones
Motion Graphics Designer/Art Director
Workshop Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Angelia is a Motion Graphics Designer and Art Director. She’s been heading up the graphics department at Workshop Creative since 2013, designing for a range of projects such as Nightcrawler, Baby Driver, and The Interview. Her work has been included in many more award-winning trailers and marketing campaigns. She has helped build the graphics team at Workshop over the past four years, creating and collaborating on everything from theatrical trailers and digital marketing to broadcast network promos and branding.

While pursuing her animation degree, Angelia found her artistic calling in title design and motion graphics. Her interest in drawing and design developed from an early fascination with all things art and animation, making her a ringer in any Disney trivia round. When she’s not rotoscoping or rendering, Angie loves hiking and beach trips with her dog Lola. She’s also an avid photographer and fine artist, filling up sketchbooks and her passport whenever she can.