Image of Henan Wensink

Henan Wensink
Music Creative

BERLIN, GERMANY // Henan’s roots lie in DJ-ing. From catching the atmosphere and creating the vibe to move the crowd on the dance floor he made the transition to do the same for audio/visual commercials. Spinning from melting pot labeled Acid Jazz which borrowed from an eclectic range of genres, and the digging for the next catchy hook from some obscure track as a hip hop sample are part of his DNA that he now brings to advertising

Amsterdam has been a fertile ground and home for a few internationally well known music production companies. They all stem from the same company where Henan kicked off his career in advertising as well. First as music producer, later as partner he was 10 years part of a team that created and produced the music for countless local and worldwide campaigns like those for (big German) car brands, basically all music for Braun (P&G) and the global Reebok campaigns in the period that DDB was running show for this sports brand. Before audiobranding become a commodity he helped create and develop the sound equities and brand melody that has given Braun it’s sonic identity. 

In 2014/2015 Henan started his own company henanX to brake out of the box named music production company which limited him creatively and only allowed him to come into the play when the game was almost over in the production of an ad. Like probably all who do music for advertising he carries the ambition and fights the uphill battle to have music being part of the conceptional process of a commercial. His new company and approach has allowed him as music creative and supervisor  to step in at the early developing stages of campaigns like the worldwide launch of the BMW i cars and a number of award winning campaigns for brands like Audi and Bild. Highlight has been the innovative and a truly music based campaign Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul Skill Check