Image of Veronica Beach

Veronica Beach
Head of Global Integrated Production

MIAMI, USA // Veronica has been a core part of DAVID’s founding story.

She helped open the Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo Office, even moving to Brazil and taking on a dual role as Head of Global for Ogilvy Brazil while DAVID Brazil was opening. Finally, she moved to Miami to open the US flagship a few years later.

As the Agency’s Head of Global Production and Content she works on all the agencies clients, including Budweiser, BK, Kraft-Heinz, Coca-Cola.

In 2013, she won a total of 25 Cannes Lions and a Titanium Grand Prix while she was at Ogilvy Brazil for Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” and Coca Cola’s “Crazy for Good” campaigns. While at DAVID and Ogilvy Brazil she has won and helped to deliver over 80 Lions for the network, including 5 Grand Prixs.

Prior to DAVID, Veronica founded POOLHOUSE, which was an organization of Freelance Agency Producers and 501c3. She freelanced for 8 years specializing in Global Production and working on top accounts.