Image of Evelyn Neill

Evelyn Neill
Executive Creative Director
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

NEW YORK, USA // Evelyn spent the first decade of her career at W+K Portland, growing up under Dan Wieden and David Kennedy’s creative leadership to become a creative director on Nike and Coca Cola. She founded the Amsterdam office of W+K with six other crazy individuals. She describes W+K during those years as a place where the cabinets were like neglected toy boxes, filled with a jumble of award trophies. “That’s how little attention we paid to awards and self-preservation.”

She was creative director for Nike in Asia Pacific, Nike in the famous ’96 Olympic work, Coca Cola in the Olympics, Microsoft. And during that time won at Cannes in all metal forms. She picked up the little accounts – Oregon Tourism, Anne Klein, the Paramount Hotel and loved them like they deserved to be loved.

As one does, she started to wonder what it all means to have a successful life in advertising and founded a school to teach children about the ocean – Sanibel Sea School - which is now the number one activity on Trip Advisor for families with kids on the island of Sanibel in the state of Florida.

Evelyn is now Executive Creative Director at TBWAChiat NY as global creative director of the Accenture account – a company she loves for its intelligence, technology and scale - in an agency she adores for its pirate-itude. People and accounts that are smart, bewildering and complex are her jam, with a non-linear dash of crazy here and there. Last year, her Trump Hole Covers cat-ass-trophy jewelry and films were featured on Funny or Die and in the Huffington Post. In fairness, Evelyn concedes that this bio isn’t a legitimate history per se, as it omits a decade or so. But history is, as she is finding out, arbitrary and in the hands of writers and politicians.