Image of James  Alvich

James Alvich
Founding Partner / President
MAS Music and Strategy

NEW YORK, USA // James Alvich is the Founding Partner/President at MAS (Music & Strategy), a creative music company for brands and agencies. After 18 years working as a television, radio and online commercial producer, James started MAS to help brands get results their other marketing efforts were not delivering by finding the smartest ways to leverage music and integrate it into culture related to each brand specifically. James currently oversees all aspects of MAS including business development, strategic planning, creative, and execution of music and TV production as it relates to advertising and sonic branding.

James began his career as a Producer at Draft FCB, working on accounts including Verizon, American Express, Compaq and Bank of America. James joined BBDO New York in 2007 as a Senior Producer, managing and producing television and online commercials for Orbitz, AT&T, and Gillette.

With accomplishments ranging from distinguished awards of excellence including an AMP Award to pro bono productions that successfully raised necessary funding, James has an innate ability to generate breakthrough campaigns and produce contagious content. He has dedicated his career to strategic branding and production, all in an effort to drive and inform culture. At the helm of MAS, James continues to take this approach and now works with some of the world’s top music, culture and branding professionals, merging the worlds of music and entertainment to impact and influence his clients’/brands’ ecosystems.