Image of Kevin Bachman

Kevin Bachman
Executive Creative Director
Drissi Advertising

LOS ANGELES, USA // After graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado in 1989, Kevin Bachman moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the creative arts. In that pre-computer era of the industry, the process required skills in illustration, type design and production. Shortly after Kevin's arrival in Hollywood, the Macintosh computer was introduced into the world of motion picture advertising. Kevin helped pioneer this new format for design. He used the computer as a tool for building billing-blocks in-house, designing logos and ultimately, producing full one-sheet designs digitally. Since then, Kevin has worked at a half dozen of the top Motion Picture Advertising agencies in Los Angeles. He was the first Art Director hired to work for Paramount Pictures' in-house ad agency and has built several solid teams of designers and talent while serving as Vice President, Creative Director for growing companies.

Over the years, Kevin has been recognized in both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, in acknowledgment of his award winning posters. He has been nominated for and received the coveted Key Art Award for over twenty movie campaigns, including Spawn, Fight Club, Borat, Crank, Austin Powers, Southpark, Coneheads, Beavis & Butt-head, Basic Instinct, Bob Roberts and The Relic.

His most appreciated award is his induction to the Hall of Fame at his Art School.

Today, Kevin continues to create award-winning Motion Picture Advertising as Executive Creative Director at Drissi.