Image of Shuvadip Banerjee

Shuvadip Banerjee
VP Marketing Services
ITC Foods

I am based out of Bangalore , India.

BENGALURU, INDIA // I joined ITC in 2007 as Head of Consumer Insights and over the last 11 years I have been lucky to be a part of the organization which grew ten folds to 1.5 Billion Dollar Business. I was instrumental into our forays into multiple food and beverage categories like Snacks, Juices, Chocolates, Noodles and Coffee.

Understanding consumers and their needs has always excited me and the quest has hence been to innovate systems and processes to keep ITC ahead of the curve and create winning solutions for the business. As data and analytics became more important in the area of decision making, I got the opportunity to spread my sphere of contribution. Today we have been able to go beyond the traditional analytical process to adapting the new age practice of machine learning and using artificial intelligence to predict outcomes with higher degree of surety.

Having set the practice of analytics, we focused to develop capabilities in the field of Digital Media and utilization of unstructured data. This area is yet to mature, however the dynamism and the new ness of the space creates an excitement each day.

As the Vice President of Marketing Services, I get the opportunity to be at the cusp of strategy, creative thinking, build innovative offers and create capabilities in the organization to be future ready. I feel like being a student 18 years back and even now. Hope to continue in the quest of knowing the new and implementing the best.