Image of Mélanie PENNEC

Mélanie PENNEC
Creative Director
DDB Paris

PARIS, FRANCE // In 2004, after a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Mélanie logically fails all the entrance exams of public art schools. So, she goes to university and studies fine arts. At the same time, she works at McDonald’s. 13 years later, she logically has been promoted creative director on the McDonald’s account at DDB Paris.

Meanwhile, she finally succeeds to become Assistant Art Director at Publicis Conseil, and moves on to Agence V (DDB/Omnicom Group) in 2012 to become a real Art Director. The company merges with DDB Paris in 2014, so Mélanie merges with DDB Paris too.

In 2015, she appears in the top 10 « French young creative teams to follow » .

In 2016, her horoscope promises her that « Mercury, the Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn are kick-starting one of her most practical and successful years. » She is designated French Art Director of the Year by The French Art Directors club, and wins her first international awards (Cannes lions, One Show, Eurobest…).

The year after, she is selected with 11 other rising talents at DDB to be part of the Phyllis Project, a global creative initiative that is committed to increasing the number of female creative leaders in the network. She also judges Cannes Lions, Eurobest, NY Festival, and smaller festivals that you probably don’t want to know.

In 2018, Mélanie is 32, and should get about 32 advertising prizes. She still does not understand why did she chose to study Mathematics in high school.