Image of Dina Peck*

Dina Peck*
Managing Partner , Executive Creative Director
Patients & Purpose

NEW YORK, USA // Dina Peck joined Patients & Purpose at its inception. She can be found leading and creating everything from above-brand, cross-channel work to social programs, applications, and other emerging digital experiences.

Dina is passionate about evolving the patient-physician dialog and is driving a Next-Gen CRM model for brands to reach and impact patients on an individual’s terms. She is also incredibly passionate about amplifying the voice of those with rare diseases.

Dina says, “I love what I do…if I didn’t love this, I’d find something else I was passionate about.” As a passionate creative person and avid runner, you can expect Dina to run from co-creations in rare disease to executing a brand’s creative purpose—with energy, zeal, and drive.

Dina received a BS from Cornell University. She is committed to partnering with non-profit organizations to create award-winning, behavior-changing work.

*Executive Juror