Image of Alyssa Farquhar

Alyssa Farquhar
SVP, Creative Director

NEW YORK, USA // Alyssa is currently the creative director of copy for the newly relaunched Centron, where her passion and aptitude for rare disease, high science, innovative oncology products, and disruptive creative can flourish. She is known for her fluency in medical sciences, the development of purposeful and powerful creative, and for incredibly high—and arguably annoying—standards when it comes to exceptional craft in execution.

Alyssa has experience teaching creative classes, challenging both aspiring and junior creatives to move toward imaginative ideas—and truly understand the real meaning and strategy behind great work. In addition, she strongly supports the expansion of women in positions of leadership within the industry, previously sitting on the NYC chapter of the Omniwomen board.

She really likes dogs, bodies of water, pizza, and books and thrives on always pushing one step beyond the expected whether in a conference room or the ocean. And, never one to hold back atop a soapbox, she openly believes that awarded work should always serve a higher purpose—other than, well, winning an award.