Image of Sarah  Hudnall

Sarah Hudnall
SVP, Group Creative Director
JUICE Pharma Worldwide

NEW YORK, USA // Sarah has over 14 years of experience in healthcare copy and creative direction, building beautiful ideas out of scientific problems. She is an unabashed science nerd, starting with her first job as a writer for a neuroscience research organization.

At JUICE, Sarah has worked as a creative leader overseeing 10 brands over the last 9 years, bringing unprecedented breadth and depth of content experience to her work, her team, and her clients. In her current role, she is focused on cross-platform storytelling, and boldly nudging her clients out of their digital comfort zones. Most recently, she developed and launched an evolved iPad program for the Merck Vaccine Franchise, and built their first augmented reality experience for an international scientific convention.

Although she works across multiple therapeutic categories, her deepest love is for infectious disease—the more hemorrhagic, the better.