Image of Lee Stimmel

Lee Stimmel
Head of Original Content
Sony Music Entertainment

NEW YORK, USA // Throughout his career, Lee Stimmel has specialized in the development of new and unique marketing platforms, and created pioneering strategies for engaging audiences all over the world. He has repeatedly spearheaded groundbreaking partnerships between entertainment products and outside brands, networks, and websites. By combining the power of brand partners, television, film, and digital platforms, Lee has set new standards for the industry,

Lee is currently Head of Original Content for Sony Music Entertainment.  In this newly created position, Lee is developing original content initiatives for Sony Music globally.  He works with brands, agencies and platforms to establish strategic partnerships around video and music related original programming.  

Previously, Lee was Head of Business Development for Samsung North America.  His role within the leading electronics and mobile manufacture was to create and execute broad partnerships that built value for the brand’s millions of consumers.  

Before moving to Samsung, Lee established the Columbia Records Creative Agency.  This new division he created within Columbia Records, offered organizations, companies, clients and agencies an array of marketing programs and platforms developed around the label’s internationally known artists.  The Agency also worked within the film, television and advertising communities to generate revenue licensing Columbia’s repertoire and development of long-term partnerships. 

One of the first projects was a show conceived by Lee, Mike Tyson Mystery cartoon series being produced by Warner Brothers Animation and sold to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  CCA also created Culinary Beats, a cooking and music show like no other.  Purchased by Citibank, filming is currently underway for Season Three.

Before joining Columbia, Lee was Executive Vice President of Marketing at Epic Records. In this position, he oversaw corporate and digital marketing and public relations for the label. 

Prior to Sony, Lee spent twelve years at Atlantic Records/Warner Music. His ultimate position at the company was Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. 

After starting at Warner Music in 1996 as a Product Manager, he went on to establish ground-breaking strategic partnerships between the label's artists and companies including Schick, Pepsi, Pantene, Cover Girl, Coca-Cola, Cingular, and Budweiser. 

Lee graduated from Emory University, receiving Dean's List honors.