Image of Jeremy Baka

Jeremy Baka
Chief Creative Catalyst
Burson, Cohn & Wolfe

LOS ANGELES, USA // Back when people were still trying to figure out what a smartphone was, Jeremy emerged at Cohn & Wolfe (now BCW) as one of the first global creative officers in the PR industry, helping to establish, define and popularize a role that is now commonplace among agencies.

During his career, Jeremy won enough metal and plexiglass awards to fill a Ford F-150. His programs were known for expertly and seamlessly imbedding brands into pop culture, social media, news cycles and random stories— such as the casual, but strategic, reference to the Ford F-150.

As communications disciplines morphed and merged into integrated offerings and agnostic channels, Jeremy’s creative thinking spilled into the ad world, displayed in the form of global taglines like Hilton’s “Stay Hilton. Go Everywhere.”

He was also behind the Hampton Save-A-Landmark campaign, which won the Preserve America Presidential Award, presented by former President George W. Bush. The publication PR Week later called the Hampton program “Campaign of the Decade".

Most recently, BCW won the “2018 Global Agency of The Year” award from The Holmes Report and was cited for its long tradition of creative programming for the firm’s Fortune 500 clients around the world.

Along with his ongoing brand work, Jeremy develops and introduces proprietary creative tools for the agency, including the 200-strong global Creative Catalyst Network, a churning, bubbling, swirling, oozing cauldron of creative spirits—all available for ideas at the click of a mouse. As Nietzsche explained, “You must have chaos to give birth to dancing stars".