Image of Iris  Meijer

Iris Meijer
Chief Marketing Officer
Vodafone Business

LONDON, UK // As important as the technologies, trends and innovative tools are, Iris Meijer believes that long-term business success starts with customer trust.

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone Business, she leads the team responsible for demonstrating how Vodafone can help its customers succeed in a digital world.

In this ever-changing world, Iris encourages people to take an optimistic view of the future and this is reflected in our new modern business brand which represents Vodafone’s commitment to partnership with its customers on their digital transformation journey.

From leading market research papers to practical strategies for new technology such as 5G, Cloud and the Internet of Things, this balance of expertise and human centricity has helped Vodafone Business to stand apart from its competitors.

Iris first discovered a passion for marketing and communications at an early stage of her career, and this focus led to her to work internationally for several leading industry brands.

Prior to Vodafone, Iris held the position of Vice President of Customer Marketing and Communications at Nokia.