Image of Kathleen Philips

Kathleen Philips
Senior Editor/Producer

LOS ANGELES, USA // Kathleen is a punk stalwart who feels just at home in a rock club as she does in an edit bay.

A philosophy degree led to a storied early career that included driving a taxi on Nantucket, teaching 5 year olds tap dancing in Tennessee and making papier-mâché floats in New Orleans.

Landing in LA, she got her first job at her boxing-sparring-partner’s-sister’s-husband’s small motion graphics company, which later went on to become Mojo. It was there that she learned what an “Avid” was and the rest was history.

She’s worked with so many rad people over the years at CMP/mOcean, Open Road, AV Squad, and is super stoked to have joined the incredible team at BOND last year.

Kathleen is proud of her editorial work on trailers for Mad Max Fury Road, Maleficent, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Godzilla, Dark Knight Rises, but even more proud of her work parenting her daughter Marlowe.

Other than the incredible things that come out of her daughter’s mouth, nothing tickles her more than a good flea market find and a strange coincidence.