Image of Helen Cutler

Helen Cutler
Senior Editor, Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, USA // Helen is very uncomfortable talking about herself, especially in the third person. Nevertheless, she persists.

Helen began her career shining shoes, making snacks and cutting broadcast promos at Lussier. Helen spent the majority of her 20-year, theatrical advertising career at Ant Farm.

Learning from some of the top mentors in the business, she collaborated with the best of friends to bring life to creative campaigns – some were memorable… most were not. It is here where she learned of her true calling: to feed all living creatures. Little known fact, both humans and animals have a universal and unyielding love for banana bread.

When Helen left Ant Farm, she walked away as the reigning doughnut eating champion of the Beverly Grove & Fairfax districts.

Helen was born in Koreatown, and has finally found her way back there at Create Advertising, where she wields her unrelenting intensity and passion for motion picture advertising, cooks for her co-workers, cleans their offices and shows the world what LOUD REALLY SOUNDS LIKE!

The foundation of Helen's work ethic is grounded in the words that her Korean grandmother, Gen, had passed down to her children while crossing the DMZ in 1953: "Fear of failure is the beginning of success".

Outside the trailer world, Helen, of House Cutler, the first of her name, Queen of the Kitchen, Protector of All Animals, Mother to all Children, Breaker of Sound Barriers is married to a (moderately) patient, financially savvy, excessively outdoorsy husband.

She is mother to a volleyball playing, animal loving, Girl Scout cookie-selling daughter. Helen enjoys curating food adventures, rooting for the Lakers, applying Korean skin care products and disciplining children all across Santa Monica.

Most recently, Helen has come around to talking about herself in the third person.