Image of Mandi Fine

Mandi Fine
Chief Executive Officer

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA // Mandi is a creative entrepreneur who epitomises the balance between art and science. She holds an MSc in Neuroscience from the University of the Witwatersrand and has published numerous clinical papers from her research.

Mandi also has a degree in Drama. Mandi started her career working for multinational pharmaceutical companies, in New York marketing prescription medicines.

In 1999 she returned to South Africa to start Fine Healthcare, a marketing and communications agency focused on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. After 17 years of building and running this award-winning agency, Mandi took the decision to widen Fine Healthcare’s scope and started F/NE, a strategic value creation consultancy that works with the worlds’ top brands and corporations.

Mandi is recognised as a world leader in healthcare marketing, and serves clients across the developing and developed worlds including the UK, France, Romania, Zambia, and Turkey. Mandi sits on the boards of numerous for not for profit companies. Her not for profit work has been recognised by the South African Government.

She is also recognised for being a founder of Johannesburg’s inner-city redevelopment initiative, Maboneng.

Despite her numerous achievements and accolades, Mandi is most proud of being the mother of two teenage boys, and knows it’s going to be a F/NE day when it starts with her walking shoes or a yoga mat.