Image of Carmen Botelho

Carmen Botelho
Global Creative Director & Managing Partner
Float Group

LISBON, PORTUGAL // Carmen Botelho is an expert in the emergent technologies and digital trends, with 17 years of experience under her belt in strategic planning and creative communication for the Pharma Industry.

She took her first steps in the advertising world in the consumer market, an adventure that ended when she decided to retire early and open a bar by the beach. She stayed there in the sun and sand for a few years, until her ice-cream maker broke and she took that as a sign that the advertising world was calling her back.

That’s when she started her career at Float Health, where she discovered and developed her true passion: the capacity to innovate constantly in the Pharma Industry and in Health, and to stand out by developing and delivering the best creative solutions.

Carmen believes that more than intuition, it is the global insight and comprehension of the actual world's social and human dynamics that gives us extra leverage when structuring fully integrated campaigns.

Non-conformist by nature, she always tries unique strategies, which transpire the agency’s knowledge in Health, its experience and its mission.